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Turgut alp | History, Axe, Tomb & Facts

Turgut Alp History

Turgut Alp i.e. Nurgul was a true friend of Hazrat Ertugrul Ghazi and he is included in Sultanate-e-Osmania basic Janisaro; When Osman Ghazi also died, his son i.e. Hazrat Ertugrul Ghazi’s grandson also gave his blessings because apparently he had attained a long life of 125 years and he kept fighting and fighting in Maidan-e-Jung till the end. Fighting was martyred in his childhood, his wife was martyred by the Mongols in front of her eyes and later her wife was also burnt alive by the Mongols,

So that is why she was brought up by Ertugrul’s mother i.e. Haima Hanum. and he was a childhood friend of Ertugrul Ghazi and was brought up with him. His weapon was his famous axe.

Turgut Alp Real Image
Turgut Alp Real Image

Name: Turgut, Nurgul

Born: Turkey Kayi tribe, c. 1200

Died: 1324/25

Burial: Turgutalp (Genci) village, Inegol, Turkey

Allegiance: Ottoman Empire

Rank: Military Commander

Turgut Alp Axe

Turgut Axe
Turgut Alp Axe

Turgut Alp was the first such soldier of date and the first such Jabaz of Islamic date to shoot arrows and swords. Made his weapon 1 ax. When this wonderful man Mujahid of the Turgut world used to turn his ax by saying Ya Allah, the senses of all the enemies who came in his jade were blown away and after getting this ax, the last destination and the next destination used to be only and only hell. The special thing about his ax is that his ax is 92cm long and the weight of his ax is 1kg 650g.

If we talk about history, he had the strongest ax in history so far and he is such a person who kept fighting with that ax all his life after that, in 1325AD he fought against Kuffar i.e. at the age of 125, he jammed-e-Shahadat Nosh said When this zealous Marde Mujahid said martyrdom and said goodbye to this world, then behind this ie this person’s legacy was only and only its axe, you will be surprised to know that Hazrat Nurgul is the person who has the longest time.

Till now he has done jihad on the battlefield because he attained the age of 125 years and spent his whole life in jihad and fighting for Islam in Maidan-e-Jung. This is the reason why the record of doing Jihad for the longest time in Islamic dating is in the name of this personality.

His weapon was his Azeem Axe, which is still present in this world and is kept in the Turk’s museum and is increasing its glory. A lot of people go to see that ax and apparently after the arrival of the Ertugrul Ghazi serial when common people also recognized him, more and more people started queuing to see his axe.

Turgut Alp Tomb
Turgut Alp Tomb, Türbesi, Turkey

Turgut Alp Tomb

Turgut Alp tomb is present in 1 cemetery of Turgut Alp village Turkey and let us tell you that 1 Mazar near Ertugrul Ghazi’s Mazar has been built after his name, although it is not his real tomb it is only and only for his realization. His real Mazar is Turgut Alp village, which has been named after him and is present in his cemetery.

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  1. I enjoyed the Resurrection series so much, I watched it 4 times. Ertugrul’s Alps we’re such strong characters that I wonder whether they really lived in Turkish history. I am visiting Turkey early in March, I was so impressed by the Muslim “Game of Thrones”
    Alfreda Botha (Mrs)

  2. Bobby Tyler, Sr.

    It seems that Ertugrul was a fierce fighter, true believer of his faith, loyal to his tribe and the state and sought justice and above all was a man of his word. His belief of God and justice is commendable. True leader! I watched the series twice and would watch it again if available.

  3. I watched both series resurrection Ertugul and kurlusus Osmond loved them both so much the best series I have ever watched made the best and loved all actors

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