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Who is Bamsi Beyrek?

If you have seen the Ertugrul Ghazi serial then you must have known the name of the actor, his name is Bamsi, which we say in Urdu, his name is called Babur. Now if you are told that that character is not true or if it is said that this character is true and was present in the date and Ertugrul was not in Ghazi’s era, then how would you feel, then in today’s block we will talk about this. But will throw light that what is the truth of the character of Bamsi Bay i.e. Babur as shown in Ertugrul Ghazi.

Facts About Bamsi Beyrek

Bamsi Beyrek - TS HISTORICAL
Book of Dede Korkut Character

Full Name : Bamsi Beyrek Khan

Surname: Bay Börek
Bağ Böğrek
Beğ Beyreg
Bey Beyrek
Bey Birye
Bey Böyrek

Father: Bay Büre Khan

Wife: Hafsa hatun

Position: Oghuz Khan

Religion: Islam

Nationality: Oghuz Turkish

The hearts of the people came to know, but was there really such a person in the date of the Ottoman Empire who fought his battle with Ertugrul Ghazi and did it, he was really so brave, now if we talk about reality, then named Bamsi If there was any doubt in the date or not, it is sure that a person by this name was present but it is true. So far this is Mehdood, but if we talk about whether he met Ertugrul Ghazi or Osman Ghazi, son of Ertugrul Ghazi then it is a lie, this character is shown in Ertugrul Ghazi so that the reality of a brave man is presented.

That is, a person who had passed through Ertugrul Ghazi long ago and had taken the Turks to a great height with his bravery, he was also included in this so that his character could also be shown and it could be told that There was also a person named Bamsi who was so brave who was born in Turk Kom and he tried to uplift the Islamic world and people in Islam, so the son of Ertugrul Ghazi and Ertugrul Ghazi I had no picture of them and you let us tell you that there is a famous book of Oguz Turks, whose name is Dede Kurkut,

Dede Korkut
The Book of Dede Korkut

if we talk about that book, then it is clearly written in it that a person named Bamsi was present in the children of Augoz and that person was very brave. and he used to fight with both his hands and used to wield a sword with both hands, so he Sane had shaken the world with his bravery and his strength and the Islamic enemy, so his grave is also present in a small village in Turkey,.

Tomb of Bamsi Beyrek

Tomb of Bamsi Beyrek

Before that no one knew him, so his grave in the cemetery with only a placard of his name Was present but when his character was shown in the serial of Ertugrul Ghazi, after seeing his character, the crowd of people started increasing gradually and the number of people attending his grave started increasing, so now the Turkish government has given his grave. Has been presented as a Tomb and by erecting four walls there, his grave has been given the shape of a tomb, so a lot of pilgrims come to his grave to attend and pray to Allah through his blessings and tell you.

Let us tell that in that serial this character has been shown wrong i.e. their era was not the same and Ertugrul Ghazi is born differently and who is from Bamsi i.e. Babar is of a much earlier era than Ertugrul Ghazi but it is absolutely true that Bamsi There was a man named and used to fight with a sword in the same way with both hands and his Haduri was also exactly the way she has been presented in this serial. Surely these were the people about whom Dr. Iqbal writes.

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