Rabia Bala Hatun | Wife of 1st Ottoman Sultan Osman Ghazi

Who was Bala Hatun?

Bala Hatun’s full name was Rabia Bala Hatun but his place of birth is still unknown, it is said that he was born in 1257 AD in Anatolia, Turkey. A city in the Seljuk Empire. Rabia Bala was the first wife of Osman Ghazi, the first sultan of the Ottoman Empire.

Some historians say that she was the second wife of Osman Ghazi and some say that she was the first wife of Osman Ghazi and Rabia Bala hatun was the daughter of Hatun Sheikh Edabali. Bala Hatun was a fearless and brave hatun, he fought a lot of battles with Osman Ghazi in his life and did a lot of Fateh.

Bala Hatun Facts

Rabia Bala Hatun
Rabia Bala Hatun (Wife of Osman Gazi I)
Full NameRabia Bala Hatun
Bornc.1257 Turkey
DiedJanuary 1324, (66 years) Söğüt, Turkey
HusbandOsman I
BurialTomb of Sheikh Edebali, Bilecik, Turkey
IssueAlâeddîn Paşa
FatherSheikh Edebali
ReligionSunni Islam

Marriage to Osman Gazi

Osman Gazi’s first marriage took place in 1280 CE when he married Malhun Hatun that the daughter of powerful Seljuk vizier omer Abdul Aziz bey it has also been recorded that the same Malhun that was the mother of the second sultan of the Ottoman Empire Orhan Gazi Osman Gazi 2nd marriage took place in 1289 CE.

When he married Rabia Bala Hatun that the daughter of Shaikh Edabali she became the mother of 2nd son of Osman Gazi Alaeddin pasha but some prominent historians said that Bala was the first wife of Osman Gazi and the mother of Orhan Gazi However friends, these doubts have arisen in history.

Because historians disagree, what is the real name of Sheikh Edabali’s daughter? But today historians consider Rabia Bala to be the daughter of Sheikh Edabali. After marrying Osman Ghazi, Osman was influenced by Ghazi’s idea of ​​a strong Islamic state. known as the Ottoman Empire.

Rabia Bala Hatun Burial

Rabia Bala Hatun Tomb
The Tomb of Bala Hatun located in Bilecik, Turkey

Rabia Bala Hatun was awarded the village of kozagac in bilecik She reportedly died in January 1324 CE (age 66) and preceded her husband Osman Gazi Bala that was buried in the tomb of her father Sheikh Edabali in black with her mother grave.

Özge Törer

Ozge Torer
Özge Törer, Turkey Actress

Özge Törer is a famous Turkish actor who plays the character of Rabia Bala Hatun in Kurulus Osman very beautifully. And today because of playing the character of Rabia Bala Hatun, she is in discussion all the time.

Peoples Also Ask?

When did Rabia Bala Hatun died?

Bala Hatun Died in January 1324, (66 years) Söğüt, Turkey.

Who did Osman love more Bala or Malhun?

Osman Ghazi loved Bala the most because Bala Hatun was Osman Ghazi’s first love.

Did Bala Hatun have a baby?

Rabia Bala became the mother of 2nd son of Osman Gazi Alaeddin pasha.

Who plays Rabia Hatun?

Özge Törer

Özge Törer a famous actress of turkey play a roll of Bala Hatun in Kurulus Osman.

How old was Bala Hatun when she died?

66 Years

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  1. Osman visited Sheik Edibali with his father when he was young
    He met Bala then
    Was he married to Malhun 1280 (Political marriage) after he met and fell in love with Bala
    Due to the Sheik disapproval
    Did he wait eight years to marry her
    Children out of marriage was a no back then especially for the Sheik
    Is it possible that Orhan is Bala’s son grown by Malhun as his mother
    Eight years was for Orhan not to know all this
    Then Osman marry Bala with Malhun’s help
    As one reading put it
    History that is correct to date
    Osman visited the Sheik with Ertugrul
    Sheik taught Osman
    He met Mikhail Koses due to a Bey also liking Bala tried to harm him
    They became allies
    Marriage to Malhun must be after
    Marriage to Bala 1288
    Alaeddin 1289
    Osman was very impatient
    Took Bala to one of his relatives to hide her from the Bey who also liked her
    The Sheik didn’t allow the marriage to Osman

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