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TS HISTORICAL ENCYCLOPEDIA is a collection of the world’s most important historical events, people, and topics. TS HISTORICAL ENCYCLOPEDIA is split into three fascinating subjects: – Ancient Times – Modern History- Recent historical facts and exploring the history in a way that’s compelling and easy to understand.

It’s not just about dates, facts, and times. In TS HISTORICAL we aim for an engaging and immersive experience to help readers find more information about their interests so they can explore them in detail.

TS HISTORICAL offers free articles to explore that can be accessed from any device including mobile phones or laptops. There are also subscriptions available where you’ll have access to new content before anyone else, as well as other exclusive features such as “What Was Old Is New Again?”, a monthly package of curated stories that familiarize you with people, places, or things you might have come across but don’t know anything about. Or if you always wanted to delve deeper into your favorite topic but didn’t know how because there was nothing out there—TS HISTORICAL has got what you need.

Meet Our Team

We have young people in our team and the dream of our team is to give true information

about real history to the coming generation.

Tanish Saifi

Founder & Ceo

Aamir Saifi

Marketing Manager

Sanjay Chouhan


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