Facts About Andrew Jackson

PresidencyAndrew Jackson, 7th President of United States, (4 March 1829 – 4 March 1837)
Political PartyDemocratic Party
BornMarch 15, 1767, North Carolina and South Carolina border
DiedJune 8, 1845 (Aged 78), Nashville, TN
Cause of DeathHeart Failure
GraveHermitage Nashville, TN
ParentsElizabeth Hutchinson Jackson Andrew Jackson
SpouseRachel Donelson
Children’sAndrew Jackson Jr. Lyncoya

More About Andrew Jackson

  • Andrew Jackson’s parents emigrated from Ireland.
  • Jackson was a  messenger  for  his  local  militia  during  the  Revolutionary War.
  • Andrew  Jackson, the seventh president of the United States, nicknamed “Old  Hickory,”  was  the  seventh president of the United States and  the  first  president to be  truly  elected  due  to  popular  sentiment.
  •  He worked hard to advance socially and politically.
  • His father died when he was three years old. His mother was a seamstress.

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