Top Interesting Facts about Humayun

Facts about Humayun
Humayun, The Second Mughal Emperor
Full NameMirza Nasir ud-din Baig Muhammad Khan Humayun
Government1st region (26 December 1530 – 17 May 1540)
2nd region (22 June 1555 – 27 January 1556)
EmpireMughal Empire
BornMarch 6, 1508, Kabul, Afghanistan
DiedJanuary 15, 1556, Delhi, India
Cause of Deathby falling down the stairs of his library
GraveHumayun Tomb, Delhi, India
ParentsBabur > Meham Begum
SpouseHamida Banu Begam > Mah Chuchak Begum > Bega Begum
Children’sJalaluddin Muhammad Akbar > Mirza Muhammad Hakim > Bakshi Bano > Begum > Sakina Bano Begum

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Humayun’s Difficulties

  1. Humayun became king at the age of 23.
  2. When Humayun came to the throne of the Mughal Empire, several of his brothers revolted against him. another brother Khalil Mirza (1509-1530), supported Humayun but was assassinated.
  3. While Humayun needed help from his brothers, they either became different toward him or raised the standard of revolt against him.
  4. Humayun was a brave and well-meaning person. But as a king, he suffered from certain weaknesses.
  5. Humayun gave a large territory to each of his brothers, which virtually meant the division of the Empire.
  6. The worst enemies of my Humayun were, however, the Afghans. They were the masters of Delhi some years back, and they did not give up the ambition to capture it again.

Humayun losts

  1. Humayun defeated the afghans at douhri in 1532. Mahmud Lodhi could fly away from the battle but lost all his prestige among the afghans and participated no more in politics.
  2. Humayun wasted nearly one and a half years at Agra and spent his money constructing a new city in Delhi called Din Panah.
  3. Bahadur Shah, the ruler of Gujarat, had entered into treaties with some states of South India, conquered Malwa in 1531 A.D., and captured the fort of rain in 1532 A.D.
  4. Humayun lost the whole of Gujrat to Bahadur Shah in 1535. The Mughals also lost Malwa. Thus, within a year, both Malwa and Gujrat were lost by the Mughals.
  5. The incompetence of Askari and the Neglect of Personal attention towards the affairs of Gujrat and Malwa by Humayun were the Primary reasons for this loss of the Mughals.
  6. While Humayun was fighting against Bahadur Shah, Sher Khan consolidated his position in Bihar.
  7. In 1537 A.D., he again attacked Bengal. Only then did Humayun realize that it was necessary to subdue Sher khan.
  8. This month, Sher Khan captured kara, Banaras Sambhal, etc., and laid siege to Chandigarh and Jaunpur. He virtually blocked the way of return of Humayun to Agra.

Humayun’s Battles

  1. The two armies faced each other for 3 months (April 2 June 1539 ad.). Negotiations of the peace world carried on, but nothing came out of them.
  2. The Mughals were completely surprised, and the entire army was destroyed. Humayun saved his life by plunging himself into the river Ganges in the Battle of Chausa in 1539.
  3. In May 1540 ad when the Mughals were shifting to a higher plan, Sher Shah Suri attacked them. The Mughals fought bravely but were defeated. Humayun again filled away in the Battle of Bilgram.

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