Bahadur Shah Zafar Death

Bahadur Shah II | Biography, Achievements, & Facts

Bahadur Shah II
Portrait of Bahadur Shah II, c. 1850 Mughal Emperor of India, King of Delhi, 20th Mughal Emperor

Full Name: Mirza Abu Zafar Siraj-ud-din Muhammad Bahadur Shah Zafar II

Born: 24 October 1775, Shahjahanabad, Mughal Empire (present-day Old Delhi, India)

Died: 7 November 1862 (aged 87), Rangoon, Burma Province, British India

Burial: 7 November 1862, Rangoon, Burma

Spouse: Taj Mahal, Zinat Mahal, Sharaful-Mahal, Akhtar Mahal, Rahim Bakhsh Bai, Hanwa

Issue: Mirza Dara Bakht, Mirza Mughal, Mirza Fath-ul-Mulk Bahadur, Mirza Khizr Sultan, Mirza Jawan Bakht, Mirza Shah Abbas, Mirza Abu Bakr

Bahadur Shah Zafar II

Bahadur Shah II – A bad omen is not picky when it falls on anyone beating a wealthy or a poor family and likewise,  there are some families whose descendants have lost their glorious days to begging such as the Abbasid empire who lost everything and baked in the streets of Baghdad. the miserable family of the nawabs of Bengal and the golden royal lineage of the Mughal emperors of India today we are talking about the last  Mughal emperor of India bahadur shah Zafar with whom the last son of the Mughal empire sang his poems have come down to us and one can glean from them.

Bahadur Shah Zafar was an emotional and thoughtful man who believed in the oneness of all he was also a man who believed in all religions. and one of his verses extols the fact that Hindus and Muslims are people with similar ethos but unfortunately, his goodness was taken advantage of in 1857 sepoys of the East India company both Hindus and Muslims revolted as they felt that the new cartridges issued to them the Enfield rifles were greased with the fat of pigs and cows the revealings of boys seized the town of Meerut  Kanpur and Delhi the supports needed a leader and they opted to make Bahadur Shah Zafar as their leader. 

A massive rebellion broke out two decades later now hailed as India’s first ward of independence some mutant soldiers declared that now the frail  82 year old as the leader of their insurrection the emperor who preferred writing poetry to wage war knew that the chaotic uprising was doomed and was still and still agreed to become the leading British forces surrounded Delhi within a month and ruthlessly crushed.

The revolt executed all ten of Zafar’s surviving sons and two of whose heads were presented to him before dinner and they were killed at the Khuni all Darwaza in Delhi despite the royal family surrendered and he was called into the same red fort that turned into a court of the trial of the British East India company.

Bahadur Shah Zafar was not good enough to be a warrior but he loved his country all the same and proved his point as the British were the men of service in the Mughal court but later made him a puppet monarch he revolted as the British did not do the same and betrayed the Mughals he complained about the amount of wealth that the British took away from India the balance sheet of the deaths caused by British was higher than the British killed in the first revolt of 1857.

Death of Bahadur Shah Zafar

Bahadur Shah Zafar Death

The frail old king knew that there was no point in proving his point to the British court as they have already made up their mind to punish him his only wish was to remain in Delhi to stay closer to his country but the east India company did not grant his wish he and his whole family were imprisoned and sent to Rangoon in Burma for a life.

Sentence his lines reflected the pain he writes alas what a revolution due to the cruelty of the age Delhi slipped out of Zafar’s hand in the moment captain h nelson Davis recalls the last sight of the emperor who was no less than a beggar he lived in a prison he lived in the prison for four years and wrote his last wishes on the walls.

how unfortunate for Zafar’s funeral not even two yards of land was found my friend the empathy moved nelson as he saw the frail emperor dead without a prayer or an open window of freedom thus the last king of India crossed the line of life as his plane funeral was taking its force these lines resonated in captain nelson’s ears when the time came for the tomb there was no land available for the last crown prince of  India

In the whole of Rangoon, the captain writes that he saluted the king for the last time and left if we ever go to Rangoon you will still find his grave and the citizens of Myanmar have built a devotional relationship with him that Bahadur Shah Zafar may have been the emperor of  Hindustan but he was greater than that they call him baba because he was so learned he knew everything.

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