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Donnel Carter Summary

Donnel Carter, also known as Donnel Jeffrey Carter, was born on 18 August 1952 in New London County. Donnel Carter was Jimmy Carter’s son. Jimmy Carter has 2 Brothers, Jack & James III, and 1 Sister, Amy.

Donnel Jeffrey Carter Facts

Donnel Carter
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Full NameDonnel Jeffrey Carter
Born18 August 1952
FatherJimmy Carter
MotherRosalynn Carter
BrothersJack > James III
SisterAmy Carter

Donnel Carter Life & Marriage

Donnel Carter is known for his passion for environmental causes, and he has been involved in several organizations working to protect and preserve natural resources, including the Chattahoochee Riverkeeper and the Georgia Conservancy. Donnel Jeffrey Carter is married to Elizabeth Roberts Carter.

After graduating from college, Donnel spent some time working as an adviser for the Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency. Following his return to Georgia, he joined his father’s charitable and philanthropic activities, including the Carter Center, a nonprofit organization to improve peace and better health worldwide.

Donnel Jeffrey Carter has maintained a low profile in the media despite being the son of a former president. He chooses to focus on his job and interests instead of soaking up his father’s fame. He has still randomly appeared in public with his family and has strongly supported environmental causes.

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People Also Ask?

Does Jimmy Carter have a son?

Jimmy Carter has 3 Sons 1. Donnel Jeffrey Carter 2. Jack 3. James III

Who is Amy carter’s second husband?

Amy carter’s second husband’s name was James Wentzel.

Who is Donnel Carter?

Donnel Carter was the son of Jimmy Carter.

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