25 Amazing Facts About Babur | Founder of the Mughal Empire

10 Quick Facts About Zahiruddin Mohammad Babur

Zahir ud-din Muhammad Babur
Zahir-ud-din-Muhammad Babur Founder of the Mughal Empire
Full NameZahir-ud-din Muhammad Babur
BornFebruary 14, 1483, in the city of Andijan, which is located in present-day Uzbekistan.
Death26 December 1530, Agra, India
Cause of DeathUnknown illness
ParentsUmar Sheikh Mirza II > Qutlugh Nigar Khanum
SpouseBibi Mubarika > Maham Begum > Zainab Sultan Begum > Aisha Sultan Begum > Masuma Begum > Saliha Sultan begum
EmpireMughal Empire
Babur SonsHumayun > Hindal Mirza > Kamran Mirza > Askari Mirza > Ahmad Mirza
Babur Daughter’sGulbadan begum > Gulchehra Begum > Fakhr-un-Nissa > Masuma Sultan Begum
Character & SkillsPoet, Skilled Strategist, Patron of Arts
GraveThe tomb of Babur is located in Kabul, Afghanistan

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15 Interesting Facts about Babur

1. His name was derived from the Persian word ‘Babr,’ which means Tiger.

2. In 1526, Babur won the Battle of Panipat against Ibrahim Lodi, the Lodi King.

3. Uzbek history suggests that Babur was an Ethnic Uzbek.

4. He claimed to be very strong and physically fit and was well-known for his oratory and literary skills.

5. In 1504, Babur could cross the snowy Hindu Kush mountains and capture Kabul from the remaining Arghunids, who were forced to retreat to Kandahar.

6. In 1505 because of the low revenue generated by his new mountain kingdom, Babur began his first expedition to India.

7. Like other earlier invaders of central Asia, Babur was attracted to India by the force of its fabulous wealth. India was the land of gold and riches.

8. Babur’s ancestor Timur had not carried away a vast treasure and many skillful artisans but also annexed some areas of Punjab.

9. Babur ruled over Badakhshah, Kandahar, and Kabul, which did not yield sufficient income for the army’s requirements. The expenses of controlling the armies and administration were greater than the income.

10. After his third loss of Samarkand, Babur gave full attention to the conquest of North India, launching a campaign; he reached the Chenab river, now in Pakistan, in 1519.

11. Babur started for Lahore, Punjab, in 1524 but found that forces sent by Ibrahim Lodi had driven out Daulat Khan Lodi.

12. Babur had conducted five expeditions to India between 1519 and 1524 A.D. In 1524 Babur made the fourth expedition against India.

13. On the initiation of Daulat Khan Lodi, the Governor of Punjab wanted to dethrone Ibrahim Lodi in favor of his uncle Alam khan. Babur took this opportunity and proceeded to India.

14. Ibrahim defeated Daulat khan and expelled him from Punjab. By the time Babur realized and captured Lahore. Daulat khan helped Babur to occupy Dipalpur, which was given to Alam khan.

15. Babur made his 5th expedition in 1525 and defeated Daulat khan and his son Dilawar Khan who begged an apology for their misconduct.

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  1. 1. It is an irony that Uzbekistans national hero is Babar. As per his own biography he despised Uzbegs nee Shaibani khan whose life is mixed up with his progression.

    2. Andijan and in fact Uzbekistan today forms an independent country. It was not so and was in fact part of fragmented Turki Mongol whole of Timur and his lot.

    3. A right perspective is needed to claim Babars achievment, failures and life as time and political situations of his day was entirely different from todays realities.

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