Interesting Facts About William Howard Taft

Facts About William Howard Taft

PresidencyWilliam Howard Taft, 27th President of United States, (March 4, 1909–March 4, 1913)
Political PartyDemocratic Party, the party.
BornSeptember 15, 1857, in downtown Cincinnati, Ohio, in America.
DeathMarch 8, 1930, William Howard Taft’s demise in Washington, D.C.
Cause of DeathCardiovascular disease
GraveArlington National Cemetery, Arlington, Virginia, United States
ParentsLouise Taft > Alphonso Taft
SpouseHelen Herron Taft, (m. 1886–1930).
Children’sRobert Alphonso Taft > Charles Phelps Taft II > Helen Taft Manning

More About William Howard Taft

  • He was elected at the age of 51 & he spent 4 years in office.
  • Taft’s Dollar Diplomacy called for diplomatic and military action to further business interests overseas.
  • His ambitious father and wife had high expectations of Taft.
  • He was a heavyweight wrestling champion at Yale, for starters.
  • Taft was just shy of six feet tall. During his presidency his weight peaked at about 340 pounds. After leaving office, he lost 80 pounds.

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