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Theodore Roosevelt was the 26th President of the United States, (October, 27,1958 – January 6, 1919) and is a personality known for his strenuous personality. His close friends and relatives, known as “Teddy” or T.R., started his political career by becoming a legislator in 1882 against the Democratic political machine. But at the beginning of his political career faced some defeats, and the death of his wife and mother on the same night shattered him completely mentally. Then, he decided to break from Theodore Roosevelt’s career, moved to the Dakota Territory in the Badlands, and started life as a cowboy. There he spent two years to overcome his situation. He went back to New York to resume his political career.

He started the U.S. Service Public Commission catering service from 1889 to 1895. Then he was promoted and became the head of the board of police commissioners from 1895 to 1897. Not only this, he performed the duty of assistant secretary of the Navy between 1897 to 1898. His strenuous habit made him sit on the president’s seat just after William McKinley’s assassination. First, he was doing Vice presidency under William McKinley, but after some days of his joining McKinely was no more, and Teddy got it. But he proved himself the best president of New York. Because his first concern and priority was always his public welfare, he was soft-spoken. Still, he always carried a big stick to manage his work dedicatedly without any mistakes. He was strict towards his duties.

He was so strict towards his principles that he contested the election again to become the President and won on his own because he did not tolerate the seat he got as a gift. He took all mandatory steps to reform the country’s conditions, like railroad regulation, which provided numerous benefits to farmers and ranchers to transport their goods at very reasonable rates. It is one of the most important and first decisions after becoming President. During his life as a cowboy, he faced many difficulties in transporting his goods at a lower cost. He also enforced the Pure Food and Drug Act and Meat Inspection Act in the year to safeguard public health.

He did all when he won the presidency with his rights. He built the National Forest to protect animals, and along with it, he kept other elements safe, like oil, mineral, and coal deposits, to take care of the future of the public. And constructed the Panama Canal. Even he got a Nobel Peace Prize for his successful endeavor to stop Russo- the Russo-Japanese War in 1906. In 1908 he gave one more sign of his greatness and helped his close ally William Howard Taft to win the presidential election. But later, he had to repent of his decision because Taft did not perform his duty well as he should have been Theodore Roosevelt’s president.

He tried to win the upcoming 1912 election. However, unfortunately, he failed and moved on to participate in the Progressive Party’s presidential election. Still, he also lost the election, and Woodrow Wilson won the seat of the presidency. Later he decided to lead the four-month Amazon Basin expedition, where he caught a tropical disease that later became the cause of his death. After that, he again applied for the 1920 presidential election, but due to his poor health condition, he could not survive anymore and goodbye to the world in 1919.

Theodore Roosevelt Facts

Theodore Roosevelt, 26th President of the United States
PresidencySeptember 14, 1901 – March 4, 1909
BornTheodore Roosevelt Jr. October 27, 1858, New York City, New York, U.S.
Died January 6, 1919 (aged 60)Oyster Bay, New York, U.SSpouses Alice Lee​(m. 1880; died 1884)​Edith Carow​(m. 1886)
ChildrenAlice > Theodore III > Kermit > Ethel > Archibald > Quentin
Parents Theodore Roosevelt Sr. > Martha Bulloch Roosevelt
Civilian awardsNobel Peace Prize (1906)

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Theodore Roosevelt’s Early Life

Theodore Roosevelt was the second child of four siblings, and this is not to say that he was one of the most successful, as we had already discussed, due to his strenuous lifestyle. He was born into a socialite Dutch family. His father, Theodore Roosevelt, Senior, was a businessman and a philanthropist. His mother, Martha Stewart Bulloch, belonged to a rich family with an agricultural farm and hired people to work on it. To sow crops or to take care of the lands. Due to his sickness, he mainly has Asthma.

Theodore Roosevelt was used to studying at home by hiring some house- tutors, and his parents equally contributed the time to teach him. And yes, some drawbacks seemed to his life and left a negative impact, like he missed out on his social life and school life, but despite that, he proved to be a bright student, he was good mostly in all subjects like Geography, History, Biology, French, and German. If he did not do well in some issues, it was like mathematics and some classical languages.

He was not brilliant in these subjects, but an average student was here, too. He was always remaining curious to keep something. He kept himself busy and thought analytically, and this habit of being active and involved in any activity paved the way to overcoming his disease. He was a cerebral person from his childhood. He liked to achieve things based on his ability. He did his graduation from Harvard College.

In Cambridge, he used to teach in Sunday school at Christ Church. This church was an episcopal church, and later, the minister offered a job as a permanent episcopalian. Still, he refused because his father taught him when he stepped to Harvard to keep your morals first, then your health, and last studies, and he continued to lead the poor section of Cambridge. And then, he decided to make his career in politics and writing.

Married Life

Theodore Roosevelt’s married life was painful; he had two marriages. After his first wife’s death, he had a second marriage after two years of the end of his first wife. It was about 1880 when he married Alice Hathway Lee, from whom he had a daughter named Alice Lee Roosevelt. She was born on 12 February 1884, but unfortunately, after two days of giving birth to her daughter, she was declared dead due to Kidney failure, which was already diagnosed during pregnancy. , his mother also died at the same place and on the same night due to typhoid fever eleven hours before, so he shattered emotionally and felt like “The light had gone out of his life.”

This incident changes the shape of his life. He decided to take a break from his political career and leave his daughter in the care of his elder sister, Bamie. Although it was not the first time he found himself grieving, he lost him before, and before that, he overcame his disease. And whenever he found himself in such a situation, his working habits got doubled more focused on work. But the different ion is that the type of work has changed. He went to the cattle ranch in Dakota and lived as a Cowboy, where he learned different kinds of hunting and writing. It took him two years to recover, and after two years, he came to his city and took back custody of his daughter Alice from his sister and resumed his political career, too.

In 1886, he met his second wife on a tour of London and, on 2 December 1886, married his childhood friend Edith Kermit Carow. Once, he found indecisive that his second marriage had taken place earlier. The span between his first wife’s death and his second marriage is less. Not only this, he had his family resistance, too. Other than this, finally, the couple married at St. George’s Hanover Square, London, England. Later, the couple had five kids, and they upbrought Alice Roosevelt. T.R., daughter of his first marriage. But there was always a conflict between Alice and her stepmother, Edith.

Theodore Roosevelt Personality

Theodore Roosevelt believed that hard work was the only way to eliminate all problems and embrace success. And with this thinking, he achieved a lot in his life. Even after homeschooling and leaving Harvard in mid-session, he achieved magnificent success and got the honor of being the youngest president of the United States. Still, It is maintained, and no one is born to replace his record. He had seen many ups and downs, mostly with his health and later in his marital life. Despite suffering from asthma and studying at home, he gained distinctions in other professions.

He is also known for justice for the Public from the day he was elected President of the USA. He was good at solving political matters. He believed a president was a “Steward of the People” and always stood by them. Raise voice for public wellness and fairness. He was a brilliant, fair enough, and a buster person. He is one of the specular political personalities.

Theodore Roosevelt’s Cause of Death

Theodore Roosevelt Tomb
Youngs Memorial Cemetery, Oyster Bay Cove, NY

Theodore Roosevelt’s death was 5th of January 1919 in the night. He suddenly put up with a breathing problem. He saw DR. George W. Faller, and after taking medication from him, he felt better and moved to his bedroom for rest. But he was not well still. The blood clot free with vein and slide to his lungs. After he went to the bedroom, he called his servant James and said, “Please put out that light,” which was also his last word. The next early morning, between 4:00 am and 4:30 pm, Roosevelt Died at 60. His son telegraphed his siblings and said,“

The old lion is dead.” Some former presidents said there was no need to take Roosevelt’s death seriously because he was sleeping. If he had woken up, he would continue the fight. Following the rules or a private farewell service in the North Room at Sagamore Hill leads to the funeral with simplicity at Christ Episcopal Church in Oyster Bay. Ice President Thomas R. Marshall, Charles Evans Hughes, Warren G. Harding, Henry Cabot Lodge, and William Howard Taft were among the people who attended Roosevelt’s Funeral Respectively and showed concern about his death by continuing to mourn.

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What is Theodore Roosevelt most famous for?

Theodore Roosevelt is most famous for His successful efforts to win the Russo-Japanese War in 1906.

Did Teddy Roosevelt get a Nobel Prize?

Roosevelt was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1906

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Theodore Roosevelt

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