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Abraham Lincoln the most popular President of America & played the most important role in ending slavery all over the world including in America. But the struggles after which he achieved this position. I don’t think it would be anyone else’s thing than him. Abraham Lincoln’s childhood was spent in such poverty that his whole family had to stumble from door to door to get a house from his father.

Abraham Lincoln did not even have enough money that he could send Abraham to school, Abraham studied from the books demanded by the people, and he started working as a laborer in childhood to feed himself. He lost his mother at the age of 9. There was a time in his life when he used to stay away from the knife and the knife because he was so defeated by himself that he was afraid that he might kill himself, but friends, if you do not give up, then the effort is not in vain.

People never lose. On the strength of his struggles, he won the election the President of America and overcame America’s biggest crisis, the American Civil War i.e. American Civil War, and ended slavery, so friends, let’s travel from poverty to the White House. We know in detail about the setter Abraham Lincoln.

Interesting Facts About Abraham Lincoln

Born12 February, 1809, Sinking Spring Farm, Hodgenville, Kentucky, U.S.
Died15 April, 1865, Washington, D.C., U.S.
WifeMary Todd ​(m. 1842)
ParentsThomas Lincoln, Nancy Hanks

Abraham Lincoln Early Life

Abraham Lincoln was born on February 12, 1809, in a place named Hardin County in the state of Kent, America, his father’s name was Thomas Lincoln and his mother’s name was Nancy Lincoln.

Apart from Abraham Lincoln, he also had an older sister named Sarah Thomas, and Nancy had another son after Abraham but he died in childhood Lincoln’s father Thomas was a farmer as well as the After 2 years of Abraham’s birth, due to land dispute, the Lincoln family had to leave the place, after which in 1811 they came to live at Knob Crick Farm, 13 km north of there and there.

They started working by making the land suitable for cultivation, but after some time they had to face land disputes and again had to leave the place, after which in 1816 the Lincoln family settled on the banks of the Oyu River in Indiana, where But he started farming in the dense forest. Even today, his house and fields have been preserved as a memorial. Abraham Lincoln was sent to study in a school when he was 6 years old, but due to the economic condition of the house.

He was forced to work in the fields by his father. And his father also never wanted him to study, and for this reason, Abraham had to leave his studies in a few days even though he did not want to, although he was very fond of studying and whenever he took books from others. Time began to meet, in the meantime, a very sad turn in his life came when Abraham’s mother died on October 5, 1818, at that time Abraham was only 9 years old, after the death of his mother,

Abraham’s sister Sarah. But at that time Sara was also only 11 years old. After 1 year, seeing the problems of the house, married a widowed woman. His name was Sarah Bush Johnson, his 3 survivors were from the first, Abraham was loved by his stepmother more than his real mother and never let him feel the lack of a mother, as well as Sarah Bush, gave full support in his studies.

That Abraham also considered his stepmother very much after becoming the President, he said in an interview that whatever I am today, all the credit goes to his mother. That’s why Abraham made a boat using the work of pride he had learned in childhood to support himself and started carrying goods by becoming a carrier of the boat, as well as working in people’s fields. After some time, he got a job in a shop and there he started getting some time for studies while living here, he started studying law on his own without any college.

Abraham Lincoln - TS HISTORICAL
Abraham Lincoln The 16th President Of The United States

While studying law, he once found out that on the other side of the river there lived a retired barge who had many of Lowe’s books. Let them read their collection of books too, it was getting very cold in those days, but without any care, Lincoln dropped his boat in the icy river, after going a short distance, his boat 1 collided with the ice and broke there, still Lincoln He did not give up and crossed the river and reached his house and requested to read his books.

The servant was on leave, so he asked Lincoln to do his household chores, which Lincoln also happily accepted, he brought wood from the woods for the retired judge’s house,

along with filling the water he needed. He used to do all the household work and in the name of remuneration he was allowed to read only the book, but Lincoln was much happier than this. After some time he became a postmaster in a village, due to which people came to know him and started respecting him.

Lincoln had a strong hatred of the atrocities happening from the beginning and wanted to end the slavery system, with this idea he entered politics and contested the election of MLA but he had to face a crushing defeat in that election while contesting election. He had also left the postmaster’s job, due to which he would have a lot of money.

Abraham Lincoln, although he used to stay away from women, at the age of 24, fell in love with a girl named Ruklez, but unfortunately, after a few days, He died of a serious illness. Everything was going against him in Abraham Lincoln’s life. There was a time when he was so frustrated with his life that he stayed away from knives because he was afraid that he might kill himself. At that time one of his friends Bowling Green boosted his morale and got him out of depression. With the help of his friend, Lincoln again contested the election of MLA, and this time he won the election.

After the victory, he was counted among the youngest MLAs, and then gradually he attracted the youth towards him, now he used to speak openly in the assembly, due to which he too started giving importance to his words.

The government had to obey him on the issue of making Springfield the new capital by him Abraham Lincoln had now got a license to become a lawyer and then he met a famous lawyer Stuart, they started working together but After working for a few days, Stuart left him and Abraham also failed in law because he did not charge to fight the case of the poor and never fought a false case all his life but he failed for 20 years.

Till then he was an advocate because by doing that work he got peace of mind. Friends, many stories of his advocacy days only pray for his honesty and gentleness. Lincoln and one of his associate lawyers once tried to occupy the land of a mentally ill woman. The case lasted only 15 minutes in court, after which the associate lawyer took the full fee from the woman’s brother.

The lawyer then happily told Abraham that the woman had paid the full fee and was very happy with the court’s decision. But Lincoln immediately said I am not happy that money belongs to a poor patient woman and I would rather starve than take such money if you want your fee you take it but return my share of the money to her immediately.

Marriage of Abraham Lincoln

marriage of Abraham Lincoln - TS HISTORICAL

1842 Lincoln married a girl named Mary, Mary gave birth to four sons one after the other but of them, only Robert, born in 1843, could survive and all the other children died in infancy in Lincoln in 1807. The United States Contested for the President of America and finally achieved the biggest success of his life by becoming the 16th President of America.

On November 6, 1807, after becoming the Solvay President of America, Lincoln did such important works which have not only national but also international importance. Lincoln’s greatest achievement was to lift America from the Civil War.

Abraham Lincoln Death

Abraham Lincoln Death - TS HISTORICAL
Abraham Lincoln Death

On April 14, 1865, President Abraham Lincoln and his wife were visiting a play at the Code Theater in Washington DC, where John Bilkis, a famous actor, was shot and died the next day, April 15, 1865. Friends, we get this lesson from the struggles after which Abraham Lincoln achieved such great success, if we want to achieve anything in life, then we have to move forward with never-give-up thinking.

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