25 Amazing Facts About Jahangir |4th Mughal Emperor of india

10 Quick Facts About Jahangir

Nur-ud-din Mohammad Khan Salim, 4th Mughal Emperor
Full NameMirza Nur-ud-din Beig Mohammad Khan Salim
Born30 August 1569, Fatehpur Sikri, Uttar Pradesh
Death28 October 1627, Rajouri, Kashmir
Cause of DeathWhile traveling from Kashmir to Lahore.
ParentsAkbar > Mariam-uz-Zamani
SpouseNur Jahan (m.1611-1627) > Koka Kumari Begum (m.1608-1627) > Saliha Banu Begum (m.1608-1620) > Khas Mahal (m.1596) > Kanwal Rani Begum (m.1592) > Zohra Begum (m.1590) > Sahib Jamal (m.1589-1599) > Malika Shikar Begum (m.1586) > Jagat Gosain (m.1586-1619) > Shah Begum (m.1585-1604)
DynastyMughal Empire
Jahangir SonsShah Jahan > Khusrau Mirza > Shahryar Mirza > Parviz Mirza > Sultan-un-Nissa Begum
Jahangir Daughter’sNithar Begum > Luzzat-un-Nissa Begum > Bahar Banu Begum > Begum Sultan
Character & Skillsan incarnation of humanity and liberality
GraveTomb of Emperor Jahangir, Shahdara, Pakistan

Main Article:- Mirza Nur-ud-din Beig Mohammad Khan Salim

15 Interesting Facts about Jahangir

1. Jahangir had a lot of misunderstandings with his father.

2. He was fascinated with art and architecture.

3. Like his father Akbar, Jahangir also showed religious tolerance.

4. In 1606, he executed the fifth Sikh Guru, Guru Arjun Dev, because he helped Jahangir’s son prince khusrau to rebel against him.

5. In 1609, he received William Hawkins, an envoy of King James I of England, who reached India to start trading in India.

6. Jahangir and Maharaja Amar Singh who was the son of Maharana Pratap in the year 1615. Both claimed victory in an indecisive battle of Dewair (1606).

7. He builds Shalimar and Nishant Garden in Srinagar.

8. He suspended a chain of justice known as Zanjir-I-adl in front of his court.

9. Period of Jahangir is considered the Golden age of Mughal painting. He himself was a painter.

10. He prohibited tobacco in India which was started by Akbar.

11. He made Lahore it’s capital city.

12. Famous Italian traveler Pietra Velle came during the period of Jahangir.

13. He wrote his autobiography Tuzukh-i-Jahangiri in the Persian language.

14. Jahangir conquered Kangra fort in 1620.

15. The provincial capital was transferred from Rajmahal to Dacca.

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