Facts About George Washington

PresidencyGeorge Washinton, 1st President of United States, (April 30, 1789 – March 4, 1797)
Political PartyNot belong to a Political Party
BornFebruary 22, 1732, Westmoreland County, Virginia
DiedDecember 14, 1799, At George Washington’s Mount Vernon, Mount Vernon, VA
Cause of DeathEpiglottis
GraveMount Vernon, Virginia, United States
Parents Augustine Washington > Mary Ball Washington
SpouseMartha Washington
Children’sAdopted the two children, John (Jacky) Parke Custis and Martha (Patsy) Parke Custis.

More About George Washington

  • He started school at six years old and left at fifteen to become a surveyor because his family was too poor to afford education number twenty-four at 26 he married Martha Custis who already had two children Washington never had any kids of his own.
  • Research performed on a set of Washington’s dentures in 2005 showed that they were made of gold ivory lead and human and animal teeth.
  • As six foot two and two hundred pounds he was one of the biggest presidents number twenty-twos he had numerous toothaches so when he was 57 he had all his teeth pulled and from then on he wore false teeth
  • before fighting against the British actually fought for the British against the French in Ohio and lost
  • he actually lost most of his battles and according to some sources he was the losing Astoria’s general in modern history

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