Facts About James Monroe

PresidencyJames Monroe, 5th President of United States, (4 March 1817 – 4 March 1825)
Political PartyDemocratic & Republican
Born April 28th, 1758, near Virginia, Monroe Hal, The state of America
DiedJuly 4th, 1831, near America, New York, at age 73
Cause of DeathSuffering from Tuberculosis
GraveJames Monroe’s grave in Richmond, Virginia
ParentsElizabeth Kortright Gouverneur > Hortensia & Hay are grandkids
SpouseElizabeth Monroe (married in 1786) is the wife
Children’sJames spence monroe, Maria Hester Monroe, Eliza Monroe Hay

More About James Monroe

  • Monroe was the last U.S. President to wear a powdered wig, a tricorne hat and knee-breeches which were the style of the late 18th Century.
  • No one ran against Monroe for the presidency in 1820.
  • The capital of Liberia, is named after Monroe. It is the only non-U.S. capital city to be named after a president.
  • He is depicted in the famous painting “Washington Crossing the Delaware” right behind the Washington behind the flag.
  • Attended Campbelltown Academy from Age 11-16.

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