11 Interesting facts About Ruqaiya begum

8 Little Facts About Ruqaiya Begum

AlternativeRuqayya, Ruqayyah, (Ruqaiya Sultana Begum)
RoleMughal Princess
Bornc. 1542, India
Death1626 (Aged 84), Agra Mughal Empire
TombBabur Garden, Kabul, Afghanistan
HusbandAkbar the Great
ParentsHindal Mirza > Sultanam Begum

3 Interesting Facts about Ruqaiya Begum

1. Ruqaiya begum was the only daughter of your parents.

2. Ruqaiya Begum became the princess of India at just 14 years of age.

3. Ruqaiya Begum Longest living Begum who was Princess for almost 50 years

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