Deccan Empire

The First Independent Islamic State in Deccan

Deccan Sultanate | Bahmani Sultanate

Deccan Sultanate

The first invader to pay attention to the Deccan was Sultan Jalal Alauddin Hasan Gangu Bahmani. He had the Deccan country that it needed the Deccan but did Khilji’s son-in-law and nephew as Sultan Alauddin Khilji but this Sultan was had been accumulating in the treasury of Deccan for thousands of years. So that which. Alauddin Khilji probably would never have known about this wealth.

He never had to if his Hindu companions did not tell him the secret of Deccan’s wealth so, on the advice of his Hindu companions, hid from his uncle Deogri, a long way from northern India. Begin preparations for the invasion. In Deccan, this Hindu Muslim, later known as the sovereign Islamic state remained the roots of all these Islamic regimes. * I was the most gained importance snatched the government from his uncle Jalaluddin Khilji on the basis of this wealth Khilji, who had become king at that time.

The Deccan area in northern India was located at Devagiri. remained after coming from Asia Hindu kings of Deccan grew up in the position of Sultan and Sultan for thousands together he established an independent government in Dhakan which face the difficulties and troubles of years, during which the governments of the Deccan lived on the Deccan? He continued to rule the area calmly and with ease and an attack on the lid because of the distance. instead of the country which was an owner of a strong government Therefore, they never looked up Musalman Badshah conquered most of India from Badshah Gujarat to Bengal, the to Deccan.

What would the foreign invaders from Central Asia do His power in the Deccan had become so strong after conquered that Sultan Jalaluddin Khilji’s son-in-law and nephew Sultan Alauddin Khilji but he also did not turn to the Deccan because he did not dare to do it for a long time What about Khilji anytime if he could have snatched the government from Khilji Allauddin could have if his Hindu companions told him the secret of Deccan wealth.

Ala-ud-Din Khilji’s Conquest of the Deccan, Devagiri and Telingana

Alauddin did not tell his Hindu companions Preparations for the attack on Deogri began, Alauddin Khilji hid the intention of Deccan to such an extent that when Janib left, he kept saying that he was going for the conquest of the army from Kara in six hundred and ninety-four hijras every year Chanderi in Although the king of Devagiri to his uncle Jalaluddin Khilji.

plundered all his wealth and returned to Kara. Alauddin Khilji was the first Muslim he he was assassinated and he reached Delhi by car after lavishing the same wealth. Due to his immense wealth there defeating them was the first and most successful attack before any Muslim conqueror who did not go ahead and invade the Deccan. The first successful attack on Deccan turned against the Delhi government. .

Ala-ud-Din Khilji’s Conquest of the Deccan, Devagiri and Telingana
Ala-ud-Din Khilji’s Conquest of the Deccan

After the conquest of Devagiri, Raja Ramdev that who would not know about this wealth of Deccan with his, Will continue to pay the Sultanate. But Raja Ramdev’s repression went back on his promise and refused to pay the tribute. He had promised this Sultan Alauddin Khilji Allauddin Malik, who had been sent a large sum for the Kafur conquered the Deccan and reached Deogri and Raja Ram 1313 AD when the Sultan according to Hijri of Telangana also accepted obedience. the territory was given to it. never turned his back on the capital from Delhi.

In Allauddin Khilji sent Malik Kafur for the conquest of Telangana In this campaign, the Raja Delhi into the government, a large part of the Deccan became part of the Delhi Sultanate, but two years later when the revolt broke out again in Deogri’s new Devgiri. Malik Kafur went to Deccan and crushed this revolt and severely punished the rebels. accepted and he himself came to Delhi when King Ramdev reached Delhi When Shah Khilji ascended the throne of Delhi, a Raja Harpal, the son-in-law of the former Raja, Sultan Mubarak Shah arrested Raja Harpal and skinned him and after correcting the management of Deccan he returned to Delhi’s Khilji made Ghulam Khusro Khan his favorite governor of Deccan.

So Khusrau Khan started manipulating to become the independent king of Deccan. But in old age, he failed due to the efforts of Deccan. When the Ghias Deccan government started raging again. Rebellions Stood up But Mohammed bin Tughlaq himself carried out these revolts. By incorporating Diya then he conquered Rajaji Nagar and after a long period of revolts in there was peace in Deccan in 1344 AD. Most disorders in the Deccan were born during this period.

The king of Telangana became independent and the When Muhammad ibn Tughlaq transferred to each other. According to 744 AH, and separated from the government of Telangana and Karnataka Delhi among the other amirs. Bedar and. And the same beauty Gangu The amirs who were among the Sadas revolted also led to uprisings in Gulbarga Bahmani Empire, needed.

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