Facts About Martin Van Buren

PresidencyMartin Van Buren, 8th President of United States, (4 March 1837 – 4 March 1841)
Political PartyDemocratic Party
BornDecember 5, 1782, throughout Kinderhook, Nyc
DiedJuly 24, 1862, near Kinderhook, New York
Cause of DeathPneumonia
GraveGraveyard for the Kinderhook Protestant Church
ParentsAbraham Van Buren > Maria Hoes Van Buren
SpouseHannah Van Buren (married during 1807–1819)
Children’sJohn Van Buren > Martin Van Buren, jr > Abraham van Buren > Winfield Scott Van Buren > Smith Thomps Van Buren

More About Martin Van Buren

  • He is the only U.S. President to have spoken English as a second language. His primary preference is Dutch.
  • He created one of the first political machines founded the Albany Regency with a few other local politicians.
  • He was the first president to be born as a citizen of the United States.
  • He opposed not only the creation of a new Bank of the United States but also the placing of Government funds in state banks.
  • His hobbies are horse racing and gambling on horse racing.

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