Battle of Chancellorsville Facts

DateApril 30 – May 6, 1863
LocationSpotsylvania County, Virginia, United States
ParticipantsConfederate States of America > United States
InvolvedArmy of the Potomac > Army of Northern Virginia
ContextAmerican Civil War
LeadersGeneral Robert E. Lee > Joseph Hooker
ResultsConfederate States of America Won the battle

More Facts About the Battle of Chancellorsville

  • The Battle of Chancellorsville faced Lee’s army with its biggest challenges.
  • In order to secure his infamous victory at Chancellorsville, Lee violated a key military principle.
  • The failure at Chancellorsville was blamed on the Federal Eleventh Corps, which was mostly composed of German-Americans.
  • At the time, the Battle of Chancellorsville was the bloodiest conflict in American history.
  • After just one major battle, Joseph Hooker became the second Army of the Potomac commander in a row to be relieved of command.

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