Facts About Ronald Reagan

Facts about Ronald Reagan
40th President of Unites States of America.
PresidencyRonald Reagan, 40th President of United States, (20 January 1981 – 20 January 1989)
Political PartyRepublican
Born6 Feb 1911, Tampico, Illinois, United States
Died5June2004, Bel Air, Los Angeles, California, United States
Cause of DeathAlzheimer’s disease
GraveRonald Reagan Presidential Library, California, United States
ParentsJack Reagan > Nelle Wilson Reagan
SpouseJane Wyman(m.1940-49) , Nancy Reagan(m.1952-2004)
Children’sMaureen Reagan, Christine Reagan, Michael Reagan, Patti Davis, Ron Reagan

More About Ronald Reagan

  • Ronald Reagan saved the lives of 77 people when he worked as a lifeguard.
  • In 1937, Ronald Reagan won a seven-year contract with Warner brothers and became a famous movie and television actor.
  • Ronald Reagan received 525 electoral votes, the most of any candidate in U.S history, as he garnered 58.8% of the vote and won 49 states in his race against Walter Mondale.
  • When Ronald Reagan became president the top marginal tax rate was 70%. By the time he left office, it had dropped to 28%.
  • He became Governor of California in 1967, by defeating Democratic Government Edmund G. Brown and when he stepped down by eight years late he was succeeded by Jerry Brown, the previous governor’s son.

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