Facts About John Tyler

PresidencyJohn Tyler, 10th President of United States, (April 6, 1841, to March 4, 1845)
Political PartyDemocratic
BornMarch 29, 1790, at Charles Town, Virginia (United States), at Greenway Farm
DiedExchange Hotel on January 18, 1862
Cause of Death Not to be officially recognized in Washington
GraveHollywood Cemetery, Richmond, Virginia, United States
ParentsJohn Tyler Sr. Mary Armistead
SpouseLetitia Christian Tyler (married around 1813–1842)
Children’s Julia Gardiner Tyler Spencer, Lyon Gardiner Tyler, etc.

More About John Tyler

  • He was the first president to die in office and no one was sure what to do.
  • Tyler Texas declared independence from Mexico.
  • The ceremonial cruise down Potomac river with 400 guests including Tyler and his cabinet happened in 1844.
  • He was elected to Congress of confederate states but he died before he could take his seat.
  • He was a political outlaw of whig party, Tyler renamed where he lived Sherwood Forest.

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