Özge Törer as Bala Hatun

Who was Özge Törer

Özge Törer is a big Turkish actress. Ozge Torer was born on 18 June 1984 in “İzmir, Turkey”. Ozge Torer is known as Bala Hatun. Ozge Torer received the Best Actor of 2021 (Crystal Globe Awards) award for the role of Bala Hatun.

Ozge Torer Facts

Özge Törer
Ozge Teror, as Bala Hatun
Born16 August 1998 in “İzmir, Turkey”
SeriesKurulus Osman
Famous forBala hatun
Years Active2016
AwardsCrystal Globe Awards > Avrasya Tüketicileri Kalite Awards

Kurulus Osman Series

Kurulus Osman is a historical drama set in the 13th century on the foundation of the Ottoman Empire, starring Ozge Torer as Bala Hatun. Bala Hatun was the love and first wife of Ottoman founder Sultan Osman Ghazi. Bala Hatun was very brave and wise, she spent her whole life with Osman Ghazi with complete loyalty and that is why she is also called the mother of the Ottoman Empire.

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