Konur Alp | History, Facts & Death

Konur Alp Brother of Goktug Alp

Konur Alp was one of the closest friends of Osman Ghazi. After becoming the leader of the tribe, all his close friends will become his most trusted commander. He support Osman Ghazi to establish the Ottoman Empire the world also saw the time.

When Osman became the first Sultan of the Ottoman Empire Konur Alp is one of the first commanders to serve in the establishment of the Ottoman State in 1300 CE After the establishment of the Ottoman Empire. Osman Ghazi declares Jihad against the Byzantine Empire. In these campaigns, Kunar Alp was an important commander of Osman Ghazi After the death of Osman Ghazi, konur alp became an important commander of Orhan Ghazi.

Konur Alp
Konur Alp with Goktug

Born: Uknown

Died: 1329

Fidelity: Ottoman Empire

Rank: Military Commander

Orhan Gazi sent Konur Alp to capture the region towards the Black Sea Konur Alp conquered Akyazı, Mudurnu, and Melen Stream basin which was named after him. He showed great heroism in the conquest of Bursa (1326).

Konur Alp Death

Konur Alp passed away in the same year (1326) It is not known exactly where the tomb of Konur Alp is located, but it is estimated to be on the side of Düzce.

The grave in the tomb garden of Ertugral Ghazi in Söğüt is the honorary Grave Many cities and villages in Turkey are named after konur Alp A museum in Turkey is also named after him.

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