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Mansa Musa History
Emperor:Mansa Musa I of Mali, (1312-C1337 (C.25 Years)
Born: 1280 Mali Empire
Died:1337 (age 56-57), unknown
Net Worth: About 400 billion dollars after distributing the money among the poor
Parents: Faga Laye > Kanku
Spouse:Inari Kunate
Children:Meghan.I > Maghisibling: Suleiman

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1. Mansa Musa Ruled Parts of Modern Day Mauritania, Senegal, Gambia, Guinea, and More

Nazaire Nigeria and Chad; for those not familiar with the Mali Empire and months of Musa the first, here’s a short flip through their history the Mali Empiredates back from 12:30 to 1670, which makes up almost 500 years of battle conquests, problems, prosperity, and so on they were the largest African Empire and the main influence of the whole West African region at their peak the Mali Empire or Madan as some call them ruled over regions or parts of modern-day more.

Senegal Gambia Guinea Burkina Faso MaliNazaire Nigeria and Chad they developed over time starting as a small city along the Niger River and quickly took over lands and cities to establish one of the biggest Islamic empires of Africa now days the remnants of what the Mali Empire used to be can be found in books some traditions culture and architecture.

2. Mansa Musa Conquered Over 24 Cities

Mansa Musa took the throne after his predecessor died. He was the first ruler from the lay lineage and the man who established the Empire as a true Islamic state; however, he did not force or impose anyone to adopt the faith he believed in; his entire adult life has dedicated to his job as Emperor ruler and Conqueror to keep the Empire at bay and stable.

He conquered over 24 cities in West Africa his military actions were intense at sometimes and very consistent he seized quite a bit of the region including some parts of the Sahara desert so you can imagine his kingdom was rich and with that land and wealth everyone started to learn about him fast-forward hundreds of years into 2018 and we still remember him other than napoleon, Julius Caesar or Alexander the great there are not many men out there that conquered so many cities.

3. Mansa Musa Founded the First University

He founded the first University in the region. As we mentioned before, Mansa Musa was different from your typical Emperorhe made sure that his kingdom was prosperous, safe, and large. He was an avid Islamic believer but, at the same time, a promoter of education and learning in his travels and battles. He learned the importance of development and innovation.

So he founded the first University in Timbuktu. He started huge building programs for raising mosques, madrasahs, educational institutions anArab that climaxed with the building of the University at Zen core, where they brought in jurists, astronomers, and mathematicians, as well as Islamicprofessors the University became a center of learning arts with Muslim students coming from around Africa and the Middle East they had the largest collection of books in Africa since the Library of Alexandria burned with over 1 million manuscripts and the capacity of housing 25,000 students.

4. Mansa Musa was the Largest Gold Producer in the World

His Empire was the largest gold producer in the world with great knowledge and power came great fortune. The Mali Empire had the huge advantage of residing along the isha river and the nearby Delta. Every successful Empire started with a good River because water means life, food, and trade. That’s exactly what they did to prosper.

They traded salt and gold to others while growing crops and sustaining life. By the time he became the Emperor of Mali and began conquering more and more territories, more and more people had already heard about him and his kingdom. With a good location and opening up to the Atlantic ocean, they managed to turn Mali into one of the biggest trading regions in the world. They were selling gold and salt when Europe struggled to obtain and hold both of them. Opportunity surely was their best weapon.

5. Mansa Musa Becomes the Richest Man in History

He became the richest man to ever live, with a net worth of over 400 billion dollars. Trading with gold and owning some land made Mansa Musa the richest emperor of the Mali Empire and the richest man that ever lived. His wealth is estimated to have been around 400 billion dollars, four times the net worth of Jeff Bezos, the richest man today.

Some consider him the richest man because most sources from that time ranked him that way. We’ll always need to find out if he was that rich or not. It’s impossible but keeping in mind all the achievements we have listed so far, it doesn’t seem that far-fetched. I mean, wait until you hear about the extravagant things he did and how he traveled, and you be the judge of his fortune.

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