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Gunduz Bey | Biography, Death & Facts

Gunduz Bey Summary

Gunduz Bey was the Eldest Son of Ertugrul Ghazi and elder brother of Osman Ghazi I some Historians believed that Gunduz Alp was the name of the father of Ertugrul Ghazi, But most historians mentioned in their books the name of Ertugrul Ghazi’s father as Suleiman Shah.

Facts about Gunduz Bey

Gunduz Bey
Gunduz Bey, Son of Ertugrul Ghazi

Full Name: Gündüz Bey

Born: 1245, Sogut, Kayı Tribe (now Sogut, Turkey)

Death: 1299, Inegol, Ottoman State (now Inegol, Turkey)

Cause of Death: Martyr

Children: Aydoğdu Bey, Aktimur Bey

Parents: Ertuğrul, Halime Hatun

Gunduz Bey Early Life

Gunduz Bey was born in 1245, in Sogut, Kayı Tribe (now Sogut, Turkey). Gunduz Bey was the first son of Ertugrul Ghazi and Halima Sultan. Gunduz Bey was fearless and brave since childhood. He fought many battles in his life with bravery.

Recently, three Osman I coins were found in Yenişehir, Bursa Which is from the Ottoman period on which is written Osman S/O Ertugrul S/O Gunduz Alp So that’s why historians believe that Ertugrul Ghazi’s father’s name was Gunduz Alp. So Ertugrul Ghazi’s son was named after his grandfather name Gunduz Alp.

The year 1245 C.E is also said to be the year of birth of Gunduz Bey When Osman was born, Gunduz was 10 years old Some historians have also mentioned the differences between ‘Osman and Gunduz, in which the discipline of the tribe, and regard to the relationship with the neighbors, I have mentioned a little bit of disagreement on these things. and Gunduz Alp was interested in the leadership of Tribe But the Ottoman authoritative writer’s Ashiq Pashazad and Ibn Bibi rejected this historical view and wrote that Gunduz Alp was extremely in love with his younger brother Osman.

Osman Ghazi had certain qualities that Gunduz Alp made him the ruler of the Tribe by himself, And Gunduz had taken part in every war against neighbors, but especially against the Byzantine Christians. He stood by his younger brother for the establishment of the Ottoman Empire.

Christian historians also mentioned the differences between Osman Ghazi and his uncle Dundar Bey, And it is said that ‘Osman killed his uncle as a benefactor of the Byzantines But neutral historians have imagined the story of Dundar Bey’s murder as a fabrication.

These historians believe that Christian historians and anti-Osman people in Turkey blamed Osman Ghazi for the assassination was used to defame Osman Ghazi To prove his personality suspicious because there was no written history at that time A fabricated story has been told to prove Osman Ghazi a tyrant if you look at the ground reality, Dundar Bay was 92 or 94 years old at that time. And was killed for opposing the attack on a fort So this just seems to contradict reality for such a frail person. And that can’t be a valid reason for such an elderly person. However, Osman Ghazi had a lot of respect for him because of his father Initially, there was some disagreement between Osman Bey and Dundar Bey over the seat, but later it ended.

Gündüz Bey Death

Gunduz Bey

Gündüz Bey, who later became known as Ghazi, was a very brave and combatant person. Your fight against the Byzantine Empire was a supreme example of courage and bravery. When Osman Ghazi founded his own separate government, he was appointed chief of a region. Gunduz Bey in 1303 C.E against the Byzantines Army in İnegöl which is located in Bursa province, Martyred in the battle, you are buried in August. Gunduz Alp’s character has been seen in two drama serials. In Dirilis Ertugrul, 2 Actors played his character.

Gunduz Alp
Burial: Turgutalp (Genci) village, İnegöl,

The childhood character was very well played by Yaman Tümen. Yaman was born in 2010 in Istanbul. The youthful role of Gunduz Alp was played by Arif Diren also in Dirilis Ertugrul. He was born in Istanbul in 1991. Arif had previously worked in films and various commercials But working in Dirilis Ertugrul’s drama, he managed to gain worldwide acclaim. The last part of Gunduz alp’s life is seen in another drama Kurulus Osman, the Character played by Emre Basalak. He was born in 1989 in Istanbul. He worked in so many films and dramas, but he became famous due to Gunduz’s character.

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  1. Rosalie Sherlock

    I watched the whole series. It was fantastic, When they prayed, I felt like was praying. I learned to to god to help me with my illness. The family had its problems, but they had the Mother their mother as a peace keeper. What I do not understand why Helime had to die. It broke my heart because she had so much ti live for, raising her children, loving her husband., her husband loving her with his whole soul. I still get sad just thinking about all their lives could have different. Why did she have to die? I miss her.

    1. as I know in their real history Halime sultan did not die.. they live together with erturgrul ghazi until about 1980.. the reason why halime died in season 5 it was because the actress of halime decided to leave the show. that’s the reason why the character died. Ertugrul then remarried , but in history he did not.

  2. It was an excellent series, watched the whole series twice! It expanded my knowledge of the beginnings of the Ottoman Empire and educational about the Muslim religion! The actors were wonderful in playing their roles-tragic that Dogan, Aslihan, Aykiz, Halime, Aliyar died in the series! Not so much for Ural, Kobek, Albasti, Noyan, etc. Let’s see the continuation of the Ergrutul on Netflix!!!!

  3. I feel very happy when he was talking with Sultan giyaseddin in his tribe. Proud to erthugrul and halieema hatun.

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