Aktimur Bey 

Aktimur Bey, Son of Gunduz Bey

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Aktimur Bey
Aktimur Bey son of Gunduz Bey

Aktimur Bey was the son of Gunduz Bey, the brother of Osman Ghazi, the founder of the Ottoman Empire. After the conquest of Karacahisar, Osman Ghazi gave this nephew the task of taking the palace-fortress to the Seljuk Sultan with great booty.

Aktimur, who best represented his uncle, was honored and respected more than the Seljuk sultan. The Seljuk Sultan, who was delighted with Osman Gazi’s activities, gave him Karacahisar as a reward for his services and sent him the Sultanate’s signs such as banners, drums, flags,s and tugs. As soon as Osman Bey’s nephew Aktimur arrived with these gifts, he took a few steps to greet him. The wind of war was blowing, and Mehtar stood respectfully with his hands on his chest.

Aktimur’s next most important duty was that of the chieftain of one of the two forts built to conquer Bursa on the banks of the hot springs. Aktimur, who kept Bursa under blockade for ten years with the second fort’s commander, Balbancık, played the most important role in the conquest of the castle. After the conquest of Bursa, there is no information about the subsequent activities and death of Aktemur, who together with Aktaçoka conquered Açova. However, it is known that he accompanied Osman Bey on several conquests. So does Aktemur really exist in history?

In fact, the existence of many historical figures is discussed by historians, not only Aktemur. For example, the great historian Halil Inalcık; “Ottoman history is the most distorted and one-sided interpretation.” In a way, he explains the main reason for the wrong and biased views about this state today. Indeed, TODAY writer Colin Imber; In an article, he wrote on the origins of the Ottomans, suggests that Osman Ghazi and his close companions are a figment of the imagination. according to him; The best a contemporary historian can do is to accept that the beginning of Ottoman history was nothing more than a black hole. Any attempt to fill this hole, he says, will only increase the number of stories.

Although these are all false rumors, we all know that the Ottoman Empire was a very strong and long-lasting empire whose Sultans were famous all over the world for their bravery, honesty, and greatness.

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