Facts About Alexander Hamilton

PresidencyAlexander Hamilton, political renegade and one of the United States founding fathers.
Political PartyFederalist, (Federalist Christina Schuyler (m. 1780) )​
BornJanuary 11 in Charlestown, Nevis a former British Leeward Island that is now part of St. Kitts and Nevis.
Diedon July 12, 1804, in Manhattan, New York, USA (at age 47 or 49)
Cause of DeathBullet wound
GraveChurch Graveyard at Trinity
ParentsCouple Rachel Faucette > James A. Hamilton
SpouseElizabeth Schuyler Hamilton
Children’sAlexander > John Church > James Alexander > Philip Angelica > William > Eliza Philip

More About Alexander Hamilton

  • In 1775 Alexander Hamilton joined the American militia company in new York called the Corsicans
  • He Proved to be a Strong leader on the battle field and was promoted to Caption.
  • In 1782 Alexander Hamilton was Appointed as a New York represented to the congress of the confederation.
  • He eventually established himself as one of Manhattan most prestigious lawyers.
  • Alexander Hamilton published work that supported the revolutionary cause but did not support some of the tactics.

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