Facts About Patrick Henry

PresidencyPatrick Henry, Founding Father of the United State & 1st and 6th Governor of Virginia
Political PartyAnti-Federalist Federalists oppose the government
BornMay 29, 1736, was the day of birth at Studley, Virginia, British Americans
Diedon June 6, 1799, at Brookneal, Virginia, at 63.
Cause of DeathStomach cancer
GravePatrick Henry’s Red Hill, Virginia, United States
ParentsSarah Winston Syme > John Henry
SpouseSarah Shelton (married in 1754; passed away in 1775) and Dorothea Dandridge married her in 1777
Children’sAnnie Henry Christian, William Henry, and Elisabeth Henry Campbell Russell (sister)

More About Patrick Henry

  • He was one of the first prominent colonists to denounce and challenge the monarchy, doing so in 1763 with one of the impassioned speeches that would become his trademark.
  • He was a failed Tobacco Farmer.
  • As a child, he played multiple instruments.
  • In 1765, he boldly condemned the Stamps Act, drawing comparisons between the king and the likes of Caesar and Charles I.
  • His rousing speech at the first Continental Congress in 1744 declared the need for unity, saying ” I’m not a Virginian but an American.”

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